About Colin Wilson

Colin's career has encompassed several facets. In 1989, he began working as a project manager and machine designer in the engineering department of a global automotive parts manufacturer, Oetiker Limited. As one of Canada's very first manufacturing companies to receive ISO Certification in Quality Management, the transformation enabled Colin to gain invaluable experience and first hand appreciation of it's virtues.

For over a decade he developed a unique flare for mechanical design, inventing many innovative solutions, and always driving for efficiency. Colin is continually inspired by a hybrid of Art and Engineering, both of which he studied at Barrie's Georgian College. "The perfect balance between form and function are fundamental elements of good design, whether in business or in life".

In 2001 Colin made an important decision – to serve Canada. He began a successful career journey with the Federal Government. Working for Public Works & Government Services Canada out of the Ontario Region Headquarters in North York, Colin has spearheaded and been part of several national improvement initiatives and held various positions such as Team Leader of Quality & Innovation, the Chief Quality & Risk Management Officer, and as Senior Advisor.

With several Public Service awards and accolades, from Innovation to Leadership, Colin embarked on serving Canadians at every opportunity and through various means. Having taken a run as candidate in the past Federal election, Colin's appreciation of the needs of our community, our local industry, and the role of leaders has been heightened.

In his consulting practice, Colin works with clients from many types of industry, and of various sizes. An accomplished innovator, and team-builder, he is quick to understand company dynamics, and is tactful in his ability to overcome organizational and operational barriers.

"I take immense pride in continuing to serve my community, on several key board of directors, and at the special events where Canadians engage in worthy causes. However, there is no cause more important, more personally motivating, and more relevant to the expertise that I have to share than building a better Canada through leading innovation."

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